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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Pest Control Services

  • General Pest Control – We provide services related to household roaches, German roaches, ants, spiders, and common nuisance pests that may be disturbing your home.

  • Rodent Control – Rodents like to sneak their way into a home.  Rats and mice are quite capable of sliding into an opening, both large and small while seeking a food source. They are very persistent but we can analyze your property in order to find a solution for capturing the rodent and removing the creature from your home.  

  • Bed Bug Control - Bed Bugs are literally just that. These extremely small pests tend to live in mattresses, blankets, and other fabric materials. They bite and feast on blood from a host allowing them to grow and multiply rather quickly.  We offer several treatment options in order to help make your home pest free.

  • Mosquito Control – Down in the South, mosquitoes have a way of interrupting our outdoor activities.  Mosquitoes carry some of the deadliest diseases.  By treating the exterior perimeter of your home, we can exterminate adult mosquitoes and neutralize eggs from hatching and maturing. This process is also very effective for protecting your pets.

  • Commercial Pest Control – Let TNT Pest Control help your business protect your employees, customers and property by providing high-quality commercial pest control services.

Termite Services/Consulting

TNT Pest Control has the best termite experts in the State of Georgia with years of experience with liquid, bait, and fumigation processes.  We can identify the type of termites that have infested your home but we can also provide preventative treatments which will give our customers peace of mind.

  • Termite Control - Liquid Treatments and Baiting System

  • Georgia Wood Infestation Reports – Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Agencies require documentation that a property is clear of termites and no evidence of termite damage is present prior to a real estate closing.  

  • TNT Pest Control offers termite consulting on your existing termite bond.  We will review new/old termite damage that has been identified by other pest control companies. We will assist the homeowner by determining the most effective treatment to resolve the problem.

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